1. Is Hamer® a natural food?

Yes, Hamer® is a natural health food that helps supply sufficient nutrients to our body cells, suppress free radicals and reduces fatigue.

2. How safe is Hamer® to our body?

Hamer® is safe for consumption because all the ingredients in Hamer® contains natural substances. Tests have been conducted to show that Hamer® does not contain aphrodisiac, western medicines, illegal drugs, steroids, etc.

3. Can everyone consume Hamer®?

Children, pregnant women and women who are breast feeding are not encouraged. Those with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disease and cancer should consult their doctors before consumption. Besides these anyone can consume Hamer®.

4. What should I do if children accidently consumed Hamer®?

It doesn’t matter. Hamer® is safe and will not harm them. No special treatment is required if accidently consumed by children.

5. Can Hamer® be consumed on a long term basis?

Yes. Our body cells are being replenished all the time, long term consumption of Hamer® helps in maintaining an energetic healthy body.

6. What are the favorable effects after consuming Hamer®?

Hamer® helps reduce fatigue, expedites blood circulation and energizes our body. Besides it also helps in speedy stamina recovery of muscles, body and soul. It also gives us sexual rejuvenation and makes us feel young.

7. Is the consumption of Hamer® addictive?



8. Can Hamer® be consumed together with other products?


9. How do we consume Hamer® and how soon can we feel the effects?

1 candy per day, it is more effective if taken on an empty stomach. First timers will feel the effects within a few days to a week. It is also recommended that you drink lots of water.

10. Can I drink alcohol after consuming Hamer®?

It is recommended that you consume Hamer® only 4 hours after drinking alcohol.

11. Can women consume Hamer®?

Yes. Hamer® is a total nutriment for body cells and can improve women’s health and reduce fatigue effectively.

12. What if we encounter symptoms like pain in the waist and back; or even dizziness after consuming Hamer®?

Hamer® is an overall nutriment that improves that productivity of our body cells. The glucocorticoid hormone in Cynomorium Songaricum can enhance the metabolism of our body system enabling our body cells to absord sufficient nutrients to produce more energy. These enhancement processes will evocate various reactions as described above. However, such symptoms are considered short-term reactions which mostly will vanish after 1 week of consumption. This is also known as the Healing Crisis.

13. Why is Hamer® in a candy form?

This is because the nutrients can be directly absorbed through the tongue without being denaturized by the stomach acid during digestion. Being individually packed also make it easier to be consumed anywhere anytime.

14. The Healing Crisis (AKA: The Cleansing Reaction, The Detox Reaction, and The Herxheimer Reaction)

What is it? 

Also known as the "Herxheimer Reaction", this reaction occurs when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of. The more toxic one's bodily systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detox process which may be mild or severe. You may feel worse and therefore conclude that the treatment is not working. But these reactions are instead signs that the treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances. Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately -- or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks. If you are suffering from a major illness, the symptoms you experience during the healing crisis may be identical to the disease itself. Sometimes discomfort during the healing crisis is of greater intensity than when you were developing the chronic disease. This may explain why there may be a brief flare-up in one's condition. Often the crisis will come after you feel your very best. Most people feel somewhat ill during the first few days of a cleanse because it is at that point that your body dumps toxins into the blood stream for elimination. With a more serious condition there may be many small crises to go through before the final one is possible. In any case, a cleansing & purifying process is underway, and stored wastes are in a free-flowing state. 



The healing crisis is the result of every body-system, in concert, working to eliminate waste products through all elimination channels and set the stage for regeneration. The end result: old tissues are replaced with new. When any treatment or cleansing program causes a large scale die-off of bacteria, a significant amount of endotoxins (toxins within the bacteria itself) are released into the body. The more bacteria present, and the stronger their endotoxins, the stronger the cleansing reaction. When any treatment or detox causes the organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release their stored poisons and toxins, a cleansing reaction may occur. Any program, such as fasting, which causes a rapid breakdown of fat cells (which are a storehouse for toxins), can cause a healing crisis as toxins previously lodged in the fat cells are released into the blood stream. 



The healing crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during the crisis. There are a wide variety of reactions that may manifest during a healing crisis, the most common are: 

  • Increased joint or muscle pain

  • Diarrhea 

  • Extreme fatigue and/or its opposite, restlessness 

  • Cramps 

  • Headache (believed to be caused by buildup of toxins in the blood) 

  • Aches, Pains 

  • Arthritic flair up 

  • Insomnia 

  • Nausea 

  • Sinus congestion 

  • Fever (usually low grade) and/or chills 

  • Frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges 

  • Drop in blood pressure 

  • Skin eruptions, including: boils, hives, and rashes. 

  • Cold or flu-like symptoms 

  • Strong emotions: anger, despair, sadness, fear, etc. 

  • Suppressed memories arise 

  • Anxiety 

  • Mood swings 

  • New phobias develop


Easing Your Way Through the Healing Crisis:  

Drink plenty of fresh water (especially water), juices, and herbal teas to flush the body of toxins. Some professionals recommend distilled water as the best. Drink from 2 to 4 quarts(liters) per day. This will help flush the toxins out of your system and speed along the detoxification.

  • If you are feeling fatigued, or sleepy, your body is talking to you, and telling you to rest. Be kind to yourself, and get the rest that you need.

  • Symptoms frequently disappear immediately after a good bowel movement, use an enema to provide relief. 

  • For other symptoms, meditation, EFT, acupuncture or a good massage might be helpful to speed up the healing process, and reduce the discomfort.

  • And, on rare occasions, a reduction of the dosage or temporary cessation may be required.



1. Hamer® 是天然食品吗?

Hamer® 是纯天然健康食品。

2. Hamer® 对人体的安全性如何?

Hamer® 是安全的,因为Hamer® 所用的原料均为食品。经过化验,此产品无毒性,无副作用,不含任何刺激素,西药或禁药成分。

3. 每个人都适合服用Hamer® 吗?


4. 如果小孩误服Hamer® 该怎么办?



5. 可以长期服用吗?


6. 服用Hamer® 有哪些良性反应?

Hamer® 能改善细胞疲劳,血液循环顺畅,人也变得精力充沛。此外,能使肌肉更加敏捷,体力和耐力度提升,增加房事素质。

7. 服用Hamer® 会有依赖性吗?


8. Hamer® 可以和其他产品服用吗?


9. 如何服用Hamer® ?

每日一粒。起床后空腹服用,效果更佳。第一次服用者,在一个星期内就会看到效果。建议服用Hamer® 后,请多喝水。

10. 服用Hamer® 能喝酒吗?


11. 女性可以服用Hamer® 吗?

Hamer® 有效改善女性荷尔蒙,解除疲劳,促进细胞新陈代谢,是女性看起来更加年轻。

12. 为何服用了Hamer® 会腰酸背痛甚至头晕现象?

Hamer® 是全方面的细胞营养素。这也包括了生产健康细胞,及增加细胞新陈代谢率。此外,锁阳里所含的糖皮质激素能促进新陈代谢,以便身体能更充足的获取营养及能量。此过程会引起种种冥眩反应如腰酸背痛或头晕现象。但这种现象属于短暂的,通常在服用Hamer®一个星期后就会消失。

13. 为什么Hamer是糖果状呢?



14. 什麼情況下容易感受到瞑眩反應 (好轉反應)

  • 過敏性體質。

  • 體內化學物質積累過多(如藥品、食物中農藥、人工添加劑、飼料中的荷爾蒙、抗生素、環境污染)。

  • 五臟機制有異常跡象(血糖高、血壓高、尿酸高、血脂高)。

  • 免疫力增強與疾病或病變細胞對抗時。

  • 以前發生的內傷、運動傷害、車禍傷害.



  • 無瞑眩反應。睡眠品質提升,精神旺盛、生理時鐘變規律、心肺功能增強、免疫力強、感冒減少。

  • 一般人剛開始注意全身保健時的瞑眩反應(不是每一項都會發生,而且通常二至五天或七至三十天會消失)

  • 其他的瞑眩反應顯示出可能的身體機能異常,或身體的自愈力正自動地修補調節該機能,具體表現如下:

瞑眩反應 原因:

  • 腹瀉(有些人會腹痛) 體內廢物過多 ,

  • 疹子肝功能不良或體內廢物過多、 過敏體質

  • 愛睡(白天也想睡),口乾、口臭,常放屁,夜睡有尿意 酸性體質

  • 排便量增加而且臭 體內廢物過多

  • 身體有濕熱感 經絡循環較暢旺,

  • 皮膚癢而後蛻皮 皮膚代謝

  • 臉上長痤瘡或青春痘依部位不同(詳見顏面望診)

  • 早晨起床連續打噴嚏 鼻子過敏

  • 咳痰多痰或職業傷害引起的呼吸道不適

  • 感到心跳明顯或心跳加速,胸悶想深呼吸(數分鐘內即消失) 心血管功能不良

  • 鼻出血 血紅素或紅血球不足

  • 頭痛有沉重感,肩頸酸緊、麻木感血壓高、血濃、血液品質不佳

  • 頭痛、頭暈血液循環不良、血液品質不佳

  • 不易入睡、睡了易醒、睡不沉精神壓力大,憂慮、焦躁伴隨胃腸機能不良吐氣、嘔吐或白天也想睡

  • 口腔內潰瘍、便血 肝機能不良

  • 吐氣、肺中有灼熱感,食慾差,少數人會出汗 胃機能不良

  • 腸胃痛甚至臉頰長痤瘡 胃腸潰瘍

  • 便秘、腹瀉腸機能不良或其他器官機能低下引起

  • 便血—鮮血、黑血 痔瘡 胃腸出血

  • 顏面輕微浮腫, 血中蛋白質突然下降腎機能不良

  • 手腳輕微浮腫、血糖突然較高胰島素分泌不良

  • 腰酸 內分泌不足,以前外傷

  • 女性服用二、三個月後,有一、二個月月經量大或不規則排出多餘經血

  • 反映在受該內分泌影響的器官,如:甲狀腺的內分泌會影響睡眠、食慾、心跳、情緒、眼球肌肉、女性月經週期及量、新陳代謝內分泌及免疫系統失調

  • 全身關節酸痛,甚至出現紅斑免疫系統失調

  • 血糖值、肝的GOP/GPT值、甲狀腺T3/T4值呈現鋸齒狀上下而逐步趨向正常值人體自愈力的調節,胰、肝、腎、甲狀腺機能指頭目昏花,心胸煩悶的症狀。 《尚書·說命》:“若藥弗瞑眩,厥疾弗瘳。”孔穎達疏:“瞑眩者,令人憤悶之意也。”


  • 有的人直接產生保健效果,無瞑眩反應。

  • 大部分人服用三至十日或二至三個月時發生瞑眩反應。

  • 少部分人服用半小時後發生瞑眩反應。

  • 持續服用後,人體會對早年受內傷處重新加以徹底消除淤血並更新組織。持續時間:1、一般約二至五天,表示身體機能異常的時間短,或異常的情形較輕微。

  • 強烈者約七至三十天,表示身體機能異常的時間較長,或異常的情形較嚴重。


  • 對症保健,待身體自覺症狀解除或大幅減輕時再改變全身性保健。

  • 改為飯後服用。

  • 多補充水分。

  • 服用後作運動至全身發熱但未流汗,加速新陳代謝。

  • 少吃油炸、醃漬、刺激性食物,少吃肉。

  • 就醫作對症處理(如止痛、止癢),並繼續保健以免前功盡棄。







  • 瞑眩反應是一種正常的好轉反應而副作用是產品的毒副作用。

  • 瞑眩反應一般情況和患者的體質、病情有直接的關係;而副作用則不同,任何人使用後都會出現同樣的反應。

  • 瞑眩反應一般情況由重到輕,反應的程度可隨著疾病的減輕而逐漸消失,而副作用則是由輕到重,甚至可以導致患者死亡。

  • 體質好的人瞑眩反應一般不太明顯,而副作用則不然,無論體質的好壞使用後都會出現毒副作用。

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